VALUES helps famillies

During the 20th year at VALUES we asked some parents what they thought about us. 

Mrs McIntosh points out that VALUES is a safe place for her daughter which helps support her as a mum too:

"VALUES is valuable asset & amazing support to my daughter & myself. They provide a safe, fun & caring environment for her which then gives me peace of mind that she is happy &; that I don’t need to worry about her, which then gives me that extra support in her time spent there." - Mrs McIntosh

Janine Bates pointed out that family atmosphere at VALUES and how our consistency of staff has helped her peace of mind:

"My son has been attending groups at VALUES for several years now and during that time has become one of the family. He is always fully supported and has a lot of fun whilst also learning important life skills and socialising with young people of his own age which he is unable to do at home. He has learnt an awful lot and as a parent I am able to leave him there knowing that he is safe and secure. If there are any issue they are always dealt with quickly and I am always informed about what has happened.

There are several support staff that have been at VALUES for many years and the continuance and knowledge of the support that they can offer to people with different difficulties has to be some of the best that I have seen.

I am very grateful to everyone at VALUES for their support over the years, not just to my son but also to me. They have been a lifeline for me on many occasions and I would be lost without them. Let’s hope for another 20 years!" - Janine Bates