Visit us

Clients, carers and social workers are welcome to come by for a visit to view our offices and activity rooms in the city centre. We can also arrange to come and meet you.

At the initial meeting we can discuss any issues relating to a client’s care. We can also discuss what sessions an individual might like to do and look at how that fits in with that person’s Personal budget. Clients are also welcome to self-fund.

Arranging sessions

If a client chooses to buy some support from us we will send out a contract confirming:

  • Which weekly sessions have been booked and how much they cost
  • How to pay (a third party can do this for you if the client doesn’t want to)
  • A start date

The start date will be set so that we have enough time to write any risk assessments that are required.

The fine print

Please bear the following in mind when referring clients or considering VALUES for someone you know: 

  • We run all year, not just in term-time. However we are shut on bank holidays
  • Unfortunately we require payment even if a client doesn’t come to the session as we still need to pay your support worker
  • To cancel your service with us just send us four weeks notice in writing

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For all enquiries contact Ben McKeown on 0116 257 5044 or email us

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